Teledentistry: Dentists on Demand is Expertise on Demand

Innovation is the hallmark of our practice. In this time of COVID-19, our dentists are still working hard for you.

The novel coronavirus has impacted the lives of people across the globe. Even in a world on hold, dental problems can strike. We understand that putting your oral health at risk is not an option, despite the challenges.

Dental solutions tailored to social distancing and shelter-in orders

For over 30 years, we have pioneered a combined medical and dental practice that supports patients with unique challenges who struggle to receive treatment in traditional office settings. Now that so much of our society is homebound, we have expanded our offering to assist anyone in need of essential and emergency services, while doing our part to flatten the curve of infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 37.6% of U.S. adults have a higher risk of developing serious illness if they contract COVID-19, particularly seniors and those with underlying medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or diabetes. We mitigate those risks while delivering exceptional care.

The art of virtual

Virtual dental care, also known as teledentistry, is no longer a niche offering. In the era of COVID-19, it’s imperative. Including the remote delivery of dental care, consultation, follow-up care, and education, teledentistry is the new preemptive problem-solving solution. The idea is as old as the phone itself – and with advances in video calls and conferencing from any device, dentists can diagnose problems and accelerate treatment options, which may include electronic prescriptions for antibiotics and non-narcotic pain medication. When follow-up care is required, next-day appointments can be booked – with measured and thoughtful care.

How it works
  • Schedule a virtual appointment through our website
  • Receive email confirmation with the date and time of your virtual appointment with instructions
  • Meet with your dentist! After evaluating your condition, they will recommend treatment options, including referrals to a specialist

Our provider partners’ offices will remain open for patients who have completed the virtual dental consultation and are experiencing a dental emergency.

Designed by dental professionals

Unlike providers who are promoting off-the-shelf video systems like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger, Dentists on Demand have partnered with Cuspid, a proprietary teledentistry platform that’s fully compliant with HIPAA and ADA requirements. Cuspid also integrates seamlessly with our backend patient systems to ensure privacy, security, accuracy, and ongoing maintenance of all patient records for superior care.

Schedule your virtual appointment, today!

Dentists on Demand

Get state-of-the-art dental excellence on demand

From delivery of care with vetted dentists to the latest in modern dental technology, we exceed all standards including sterilization and safety.  In accordance with:


When it comes to patient care, our dental pop-ups are exactly like being in the dentist’s office – only better, because we come to you. It’s all in the name - Dentists On Demand!

Patient testimonials

Discover a new the new dental experience that comes to you with Dentists on Demand – trusted, compassionate, and here to serve the needs of our patients, businesses, and dentists.

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"Dr.Goodman gave me the best consultation I have had in my adult life. She made me feel so at ease while also helping me understand what was a pressing matter. I cannot recommend the service enough. It eliminates the daunting feeling of going to the dentist and lets you concentrate on how to take care of your teeth and understand your dental hygiene. Please come back real soon!"

Compass, New York
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 "Team was awesome and very professional and talented."

Color Genomics, Burlingame
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“Had a great experience! This was my first time using Dentists on Demand and it was extremely pleasant!”

Patient, New York
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“When I moved to San Francisco, I had trouble finding the right dentist and it wasn’t a top priority in my schedule.  Dentists on Demand’s convenience and quality care made it impossible to keep procrastinating my cleanings.”

San Francisco
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