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Dentists on Demand™ transforms the lives of millions by delivering unparalleled dental care.

Using our cutting edge technology, we’re revolutionizing the legacy dental industry by creating extended on-site benefits for enterprise business and opportunities for dentists and other health practitioners collectively.


Solving for Great Dental Decline

Over the last 20 years, there has been a steady decrease in adult visits to the dentist. One of the main reasons being inconvenience.

Dentists on Demand™ was formed to help solve this issue by going directly to the patient’s workplace via its “dental pop-up”. Through caring dental professionals, innovative on-site dental suite, and use of technology throughout the patient journey, Dentists on Demand™ delivers convenience and amazing patient experience. Our innovative use of on-site mobile dental equipment and technology promotes health and wellness to an organization’s employees, avoiding unnecessary time off and reducing sick days due to dental emergencies.

Happier employees, healthier smiles

Scheduling a dental pop-up with us means employees spend less time commuting and in waiting rooms and enjoy the benefit of an important on-site perk. For those who are due or overdue for a dental visit, we deliver a great solution that enables employees to remain current with their dental health.

Dentists on Demand is a high value and cost-effective addition to a company’s health and wellbeing benefits program.

Dentists on Demand brings EXCELLENCE to your care

From delivery of care with vetted dentists to state of the art dental technology, we exceed all standards including sterilization and safety.  In accordance with:


Dentists on Demand

 is growing every day and is loved by these companies and more

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Launched with a mission

Dentists on Demand (DOD) emerged from the on-demand “we come to you” trend. Dr. David Blende, co-founder, was raised on a ranch in rural Washington where his father performed house calls as the only physician serving a vast wilderness area. In his footsteps, Dr. Blende pioneered house calls into his urban San Francisco dental practice and has over a decade of experience in the mobile dental industry. He and Carla Caramat, co-founder and CEO, have worked together for over 20 years, forming a team focused on innovating the legacy dental industry.

Board certified and passionate about your dental care

Dentists on Demand is care on demand. Meet our team.

Clinical Care Team

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Sumi Jampana
Lindzy Goodman
Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 11.54.43 AM
Marcella Scott
Registered Dental Assistant
Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 11.55.32 AM
Lani Tugade
Registered Dental Assistant
Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 11.55.15 AM
Ghie Juson
Registered Dental Assistant

Support Team

Talia Hamilton
Client Success

Management Team

Dr. David Blende
Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder
Carla Caramat
CEO and Co-Founder
Nicole Ryan
Head of Operations


We believe in giving back and our environment

The mission of bringing great dental care to people is equally as important as giving back to the communities that Dentists on Demand work in. And that includes your entire experience including the products we use to serve our patients and even the scrubs our team wears.

Team green: Dentists on Demand

We proudly support these companies for their integrity, ethics, and commitment to creating net-positive impact to the environment.

Charity Water Supporter
charity waters
Our scrubs come from Figs
Our dental products come from WooBamboo!

Patient testimonials

Discover a new the new dental experience that comes to you with Dentists on Demand – trusted, compassionate, and here to serve the needs of our patients, businesses, and dentists.

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"Dr.Goodman gave me the best consultation I have had in my adult life. She made me feel so at ease while also helping me understand what was a pressing matter. I cannot recommend the service enough. It eliminates the daunting feeling of going to the dentist and lets you concentrate on how to take care of your teeth and understand your dental hygiene. Please come back real soon!"

Compass, New York
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 "Team was awesome and very professional and talented."

Color Genomics, Burlingame
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“Had a great experience! This was my first time using Dentists on Demand and it was extremely pleasant!”

Wix.com, New York
Image PT2

“When I moved to San Francisco, I had trouble finding the right dentist and it wasn’t a top priority in my schedule.  Dentists on Demand’s convenience and quality care made it impossible to keep procrastinating my cleanings.”

San Francisco
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