It's time to expand your practice

Dentists on Demand™ boosts patient growth in a modern way by bringing dental services to people who have the benefits but don’t always have the time.


We Empower Dentists with the use of:

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Marketing + Customer Development

We engage and book enterprise clients for you

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Equipment + Logistics

We deliver customized, pop-up, and state-of-the-art dental suites for your new clients’ campuses and offices 

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We provide dental assistants to manage the little things on-site

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We provide back-office support for frictionless billing, insurance processing, and payments

  • 0%
    of working adults fail to go to the dentist annually.
  • 0%
    had not seen a dentist in 1-3+ years
Our data shows that of the 1000+ patients surveyed, 50%  had not seen a dentist in 1-3+ years, nearly all had PPO insurance (this would be the last/bottom stat)

How we empower dentists

An employer requests a pop-up - Everything is covered for the employee, the employer, and the dentist

Dentists on Demand selects you as an approved provider - We look at the company, the request, and align the right dentist to the scheduled pop-up

You show up, we handle the rest - You and your hygienist (or one provided) meet at your state-of-the-art dental suite and provide preventative care to patients. Get paid to build new client relationships.

Patients are referred back to your office for additional treatment - Every patient you see is seamlessly referred back to your brick-and-mortar office using our integrated dental software. Further treatment rendered at your office is independent of Dentists On Demand.

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“Working with Dentists on Demand has given me the opportunity to reintroduce hundreds of patients to dentistry and to take charge of their oral health. I’ve enjoyed the consistency of seeing these patients in their workspace for routine maintenance along with additional treatment in my practice. I feel privileged to be part of a new method that fosters continuum of care in my community - it’s been a win-win.”

Lindzy Goodman

We are standards driven

When you are treating a patient, you want a space that is comfortable and convenient.  From delivery of care to state-of-the-art dental technology, we exceed all standards including infection control and safety.  In accordance with:


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