Invest in employee Health and Wellness AT NO COST

Dentists on Demand™ is the first dental pop-up to bring vetted dentists and the latest equipment, directly to you and your employees.

0M hours

92.4M hours lost to working adults seeking emergency dental care, routine preventative care reduces that


Company culture and benefits make employees 59% less likely to look for another job in 12 months


50% of companies with 50+ employees offer onsite wellness programs

Meet your HR team’s new Best Friend:

Improve employee productivity and efficiency with preventive dentistry delivered to your office, on-demand

Pay nothing for a key benefit that comes right to you and your employees

Decrease absenteeism due to dental emergencies

Boost your wellbeing program by offering dental care in the workplace

Dentists on Demand brings EXCELLENCE to your care

From delivery of care with vetted dentists to state of the art dental technology, we exceed all standards including sterilization and safety.  In accordance with:


When it comes to patient care, our dental pop-ups are exactly like being in the dentist’s office – only better, because we come to you. It’s all in the name - Dentists On Demand!

“The ability for employees to not have to worry about making outside appointments because of the convenience of DOD being on site is a huge advantage”!


“My team had tons of questions about insurance, and Elisabeth supplied me with all the info I needed to keep my team at ease and get them excited for this awesome time-saving service!”


“Everything was amazing! Top notch!”


“It is so nice to be able to bring services directly to our team. They always rave about it and it's such a joy and ease to facilitate from the HR perspective.”

Charity Water

Goodbye Commutes, Goodbye Waiting Rooms!

We know employees are busy – that's why we've created an efficient system that doesn't cut corners. With Dentists on Demand, our team comes to you!

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What do we need from you?

A conference room or a private designated area.

42 chair, tool, tooth, dentist, dental, medicine
We handle the rest.

Including, setup and breakdown and CUSPID (our own technology platform) that enables employees to manage everything from booking appointments to accessing their own patient records and MORE!

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Dentists on Demand works

with all Dental PPO plans - preventative services are covered at 100%

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Schedule a quick call with our team.

It’s covered for all

If you’ve got dental insurance, Dentists on Demand is totally free to you as an employer and free to employees. Preventative care is covered at 100% - regardless of in- or out-of-network coverage.

Simply schedule our team of pros to pop-up a dental suite in your office. We deliver exceptional experiences and you’ll have employees spending less time away while getting the great care dental care they need.

Convenient benefits for you and your team? Done. Welcome to Dentists on Demand.

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