Our offices are open for business. Finally, something to smile about.

Innovation is the hallmark of our practice. In this time of COVID-19, our dentists are still working hard for you.

So many aspects of our lives have been put on hold; your health shouldn’t be something that’s sacrificed or delayed. Oral healthcare is a critical component of maintaining and assessing your overall health. 

Following the recommendations of health authorities and the directives of our government officials, we are happy to have dental practices beginning the phased reopening. We’ve taken many steps to ensure your wellbeing and safety, without compromising the exceptional care you’ve come to expect. With your support, we’ve created a bright, healthy, and lasting solution to conquer the recent challenges we’ve all endured. It’s time to put a smile back on your face!

Whether via our teledentistry offerings,  office location or our workplace pop-ups, we’re thinking about how to bring you excellence in care and peace of mind. Please see below for more information on our standard of care in each area. 



Virtual dental care/teledentistry is imperative to ensure an ongoing continuum of care for patients struggling through shutdowns, quarantines, and isolation. It also reduces the load on emergency room visits for dental emergencies. Our mission has always been to champion services to match unique circumstances. We’ve continued that tradition by taking bold steps to pioneer a teledentistry solution that allows us to maintain the wellbeing and safety of our patients, without compromising the exceptional care they’ve come to expect. 

Dentists on Demand worked diligently to develop a system and tools for providing virtual dental care to patients. Using the exponential advances in video conferencing and online platforms, Dentists on Demand created CUSPID, a robust system that  includes dedicated portals for dental providers, patients, and enterprise clients. The software is private, secure, and fully compliant with HIPAA.

The CUSPID portal provides immediate online scheduling, expedited assessments, treatment recommendations, and rapid access to a network of available dentists when offices are closed. Patients are connected to a dental provider for a video consultation through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This allows a  dentist to diagnose problems and accelerate treatment options, which may include electronic prescriptions. When follow-up care is required, next-day appointments can be booked.

Access to CUSPID is free for all registered users. In most cases, patients with insurance are 100% covered. After a Virtual Appointment, Dentists on Demand immediately submits an electronic claim to the patient’s dental insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Dentists on Demand supports new, existing, and referred patients. Our teledentistry platform has allowed us to step in during a difficult time, and we are actively assisting other dental providers who can no longer provide regular services. After we care for those patients, we return them back to their home dentists. We can’t solve the pandemic, but we can ensure ongoing care for those in need, even when they have different dental providers. This is a time for unity, innovation, and action. We put care first and business second.


Office Changes

Our hygienists have returned to the office to provide routine and preventative dental care, including exams and cleanings. For more urgent matters, we recommend scheduling a Virtual Appointment right away. When you visit us, you’ll notice that we’ve implemented a variety of enhanced protocols and procedures to make sure that you receive the care you need without putting yourself at risk. 

What we’ve done to protect you

  • We’ve rearranged the office layout, limited the number of daily appointments, and reduced our normal capacity to make sure that everyone has at least 6 feet of distance between them.
  • We have increased our already rigorous cleaning and sanitizing processes across every inch of the office, which includes disinfecting occupied areas after all patient visits.
  • Air purifiers throughout all lobbies, exam rooms, and workspaces. Each unit comes with advanced HEPA filters and UV-C lights to kill surface germs on contact.
  • Every member of our office staff is now screened daily for symptoms related to COVID-19. You’ll notice that our hygienists now wear top-of-the-line protective equipment. They’re also fully immunized against all transmissible diseases, exceeding hospital-grade standards.

What we ask of you to help protect us

  • Hand sanitizing stations have been positioned throughout the office. Please use them after making contact with any person or surface.
  • Anyone in the office must wear a facial mask at all times, except during treatment.
  • With social distancing rules still in place, we can’t shake your hand or give you a hug, even though we’d like to.
  • When filling out forms, we ask that you do not re-use pens in the office. Please use your own pen or take one of ours with you, so that other patients have the same option.
  • Please enter the office alone, if at all possible. If you require assistance, we ask that you bring only one visitor in with you. Your visitor must follow these same safety guidelines to remain inside the office.

We look forward to seeing you in-person again. If you have any questions, be sure to ask one of our team members for assistance or guidance.


Workplace Dental Pop-ups

Dentists on Demand

Get state-of-the-art dental excellence on demand

From delivery of care with vetted dentists to the latest in modern dental technology, we exceed all standards including sterilization and safety.  In accordance with:


When it comes to patient care, our dental pop-ups are exactly like being in the dentist’s office – only better, because we come to you. It’s all in the name - Dentists On Demand!

Patient testimonials

Discover a new the new dental experience that comes to you with Dentists on Demand – trusted, compassionate, and here to serve the needs of our patients, businesses, and dentists.

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"Dr.Goodman gave me the best consultation I have had in my adult life. She made me feel so at ease while also helping me understand what was a pressing matter. I cannot recommend the service enough. It eliminates the daunting feeling of going to the dentist and lets you concentrate on how to take care of your teeth and understand your dental hygiene. Please come back real soon!"

Compass, New York
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 "Team was awesome and very professional and talented."

Color Genomics, Burlingame
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“Had a great experience! This was my first time using Dentists on Demand and it was extremely pleasant!”

Wix.com, New York
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“When I moved to San Francisco, I had trouble finding the right dentist and it wasn’t a top priority in my schedule.  Dentists on Demand’s convenience and quality care made it impossible to keep procrastinating my cleanings.”

San Francisco
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